Auto Numbering

AutoNumbering Set

When a new company was created, 2 sets of AutoNumbers will be created. 1 set is for users, 1 set is for Accounting Agent. It is like each user has its own "book" and each "book" has its own serial number printed, so there will be no duplicated numbers.

A set of Autonumber will include all record types in the system that can automatically generate record number, like sales and purchase, bank, inventory and accounting journals.

The AutoNumbering set for users will have Code like SI-00000001 (Sales Invoice) or BR (Bank Receipt), the set for Accounting Agent will have Code like SI-00000001-Ac (Sales Invoice). The purpose of separating 2 sets of AutoNumbers is to avoid conflicting AutoNumbers when both users and Accounting Agents are entering transactions into the system.

Each Document Type has a Default AutoNumber, when the current logged on user does not have a linked AutoNumber, the system will use the Default AutoNumber for that record type.

Is Default  Document Type  Bank payment  Bank receipt  Bank transfer

User can edit or add new AutoNumber to the system to fit their needs. From the Navigation Pane, click Lists > Auto Numbering to view the list of AutoNumbers. Double click to edit or click New to create a new AutoNumber.

Enter the Code of the AutoNumber, select the Document Type. Enter the Prefix, Next Number (the next document user creating will be using this number).

If the Length specified is longer than the Next Number, 0s will befilled in to ensure the number of digits match the Length.

Review the Next Auto Number to see if the format is correct.  (This preview is only available if the Is Auto Number checkbox is checked).

When a new AutoNumber was created, you can link it to a particular User, click the Link button under Employees

Employees  u Name

Select an Employee from the list or Create n newEmployee . For the system to be able to automatically use this AutoNumber, the Employee must also have a linked Log In Account (details please review guide on the User topic). The system will check the current logged in user and select which AutoNumber to use. Click Ok to continue.

Employees  Full Name  TeamA  00  Call Name  TeamA  Log In Account  TeamA

When this TeamA user log in to the system and create a new Sales Quotation, the system will automatically use this AutoNumber

Auto Numbering:  Currency:*  Payment Term:  3/4/19  SQA  USD  X  X  Customer Number:  Auto Number:  Exchange Rate:*  Due Date:  SQ-201g0401-TeamA  3/4/19  C) Include In Cash Flow Projection

The transaction will also be linked to the Employee

linked to employee