Account Supporting

Add Account Supporting

Account Supporting is a paid feature. Only users with Activated License can use this feature.

User can add Account Supporting (files that are image, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx) to the AutoMi system, and let AutoMi process the file and do the data entry for user. Types of Account Supporting are:

  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Sales deduction (Credit Note)
  3. Purchase invoice
  4. Purchase deduction
  5. Bank payment
  6. Bank receipt
  7. Bank transfer
  8. Bank statement
  9. Other

To add Account Supporting, go to Inbox > Account Supporting, click Add Supportings

add account supporting file

The window's file browser will pop up, select the file(s) to be added as supporting, click Open.

browse for the file to upload

pick account supporting type

Select the Customer or Supplier Card or Bank related to this Account Supporting, add remarks if needed.

Click Save.