AutoMi fully supports accountants and account service providers. Through our AutoMi small business software system, both your clients and you will enjoy productivity gains using our platform for win-win results.

Accounting Professional Partner Benefits:

Join as our Accounting Professional Partner, you could enjoy :

1. Unlimited phone and remote support service 

2. Referral incentive

3. Free installation and Setup for your client, including Chart of Accounts and opening setup 

4. Technical support for your client when using the software

5. Setting up data synchronization between your client, including account supporting file sharing

Referral Process:

1. With consent, Accounting Professional Partners share contacts of clients with AutoMi

2. AutoMi will remotely install the system, and provide getting started support to ensure client starts using the system

3. AutoMi ensure clients start using and be able to upload account supporting files 

4. Client confirms AutoMi subscription

5. With consent, setup data synchronization between client and partner, ensure account supporting files can be viewed by partner

6. Within subscription period, provide technical support to client and partner

Call 6709 7504 now and join as Accounting Professional Partner.