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AutoMi - Use Automation to Grow Business

Nothing should stop you from builidng your business, software, accounting, tax and audit should not get in the way.

AutoMi the flexible SME Automation Platform

Introducing AutoMi, with no accounting setup, no complicated configuration, automate your business easily, and saves you from the messy book problem when you grow large and fast later.

Add Customers, create Quotation and Invoices, Receive Payment, Update Bank and see Cash Flow Forecast immediately.

AutoMi is highly flexible, fully customizable to your workflow and data structure. Using the government subsidized Technology Voucher Programme, you can easily acquire a fully tailor-made automation system to speed up your operation.

AutoMi can also work with your existing accounting software, so your accounting process can be automated for higher financial visibility, no more cash flow surprises.

Call now and start growing your business worry free!

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