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MYOB download and trial guide


MYOB download and trial guide

Click HERE to get ABSS MYOB using Technology Voucher (75% subsidized)

Click HERE  and enter your email address, we will send you the MYOB trial download link. When you finished downloading, follow the steps below to install and start trial. You can create your own company data file, and buy the MYOB license after the 7 days trial period.

MYOB is one of the leading accounting software in Hong Kong, and you could download and try before purchase to make sure it fits your requirements.

** Make sure you have downloaded the version you would like to purchase, or you may not be able to convert to matching licensed data file

1. Extract the compressed file after downloading myob trial setup file (right click to extract files)
myob download trial 1
2. Navigate into the extracted folder. Double click ABSS_Launcher to start install
myob download extract launch
3. Select Language (if Windows prompt to confirm installation click YES)
myob download trial language selection
 4. Click Next 
myob download trial confirm
5. Read the License Agreement and confirm accept
myob download trial license agreement eula
6. Click Basic Installation
myob download trial installation options
7. Accept the suggested installation path
myob download default path selection
8. Click Install
myob download proceed install confirm
9. Wait for the installation process to finish
myob download trial installation progress
10. Check the Launch ABSS Premier Plus v22.3 HK option, click Finish
myob download trial finishing installation
11. Click the Browse button to trial run the sample company data file 
myob download trial open sample file
12. Sample company login user name is "administrator", with blank password. Normally use TCP/IP could improve program performance
myob download trial login to sample data
13. Clearwater International is the name of the sample company 
myob download trial login successful
 myob download and trial is simple, in a few minutes you can start trying myob to see if it fits your requirements.
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