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About Us

We have a huge desire to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) build a highly competitive and efficient operation using Automation Software.  Our AutoMi Software Platform and our proven work process is our secret weapon for fast, inexpensive and low-risk tailor-made system. 

Our founder and Chief Evangelist Newland Mak, is an entrepreneur since graduation. He had founded companies and worked in manufacturing, trading and technology firms.  With first hand understanding of the pains and desire of entrepreneurs AutoMi is founded on idea to help entrepreneurs WORK ON THEIR BUSINESS, NOT IN THEIR BUSINESS.  

Rooted in Hong Kong for over 10 years, we worked with entrepreneurs to: 

  • Find Automation opportunities 
  • Build concrete Automation System to gain competitive edge and efficiency 
  • Support SMEs to achieve continuous improvement  

We have helped over 100 businesses of 1 to more than 20 to transform their manual, slow, people dependent, error-prone process to: 

  • Transferable process: any new staff can pick up tasks easily 
  • Fast: remove all repeated, slow and manual tasks 
  • Reliable: system producing predictable results 

Contact Us to get a free 20 minutes session and start automating your business. 


Meet the Team

Newland Mak

Founder and Chief Evangelist

Newland's thing is automation. As an entrepreneur, he found that the available off-the-shelf software got on his nerves and with a hands-on-mentality decided to fill this gap. Eager to help he was invited to speak in various seminars and workshops by ICT Expo, HKPC, HKCMA and Hang Seng Bank, HSBC and Science Park. His passion for SMEs led him to cooperate with major technology vendors like Microsoft and MYOB for product launching.

When he is not working on his business, he mentors kids to navigate live and enjoy his quiet family life with his better half. With a passion for the future of Hong Kong he committed to donate 2% of the company income to charities that will help build the coming generation.

Hoffmann Chu

Chief Operating Officer

With over 20 years of brand experience in advertising, martech and e-commerce across Asia Pacific, Hoffmann comes armed with a unique blend of passion, strategic thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Hoffmann is known for his positive personality and ‘can do’ approach. In fact, he loves nothing more than being able to identify new opportunities for sales and revenue for his clients. In particular, delivering on insights-driven growth strategies and compelling integrated campaigns.

Hoffmann worked at FCB, Ogilvy, Grey, Hang Seng Bank, Havas, Aarki and Doremus among others, and specialises in driving marketing solutions for consumer products, financial services, multi-industrial, retail, technology and telecommunications.

Carlo Adamos

Senior Software Engineer

John is a fast mover. He gets into action immediately with his tried and true front and backend software development skills. With experiences in the media, traveling automation and banking industry, his exposure gives him insight into the need of businesses which makes him a great team member to work with.

Catalina Clarino

Software Engineer and Technical Writer

Catalina loves to learn new knowledge. Her wide range of skills demonstrated her ability to adapt and perform in various key software delivery areas. Equipped with both software, database development and I.T. management knowledge she provides a sound foundation for our software projects.

Suzanna Shek

Funding and Support Specialist

You will find Suz in the countryside, hiking trail or charity events when she is not working. With energetic and outgoing personality, she regularly contributes her time and talents to the community and people in need. Her can-help mentality brings immense value to help clients and help the team to achieve their goals.

Siu Pak

Heaven Cloud Manager

Siu Pak is the guardian angel for us all, he keeps our morale high and keep us moving forward with his tremendous amount of enthusiasm. His eye sight for good deliverables in either software or food set a high bar for the team's work. He now lives in high cloud and regularly shower his blessing to the team.

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