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AutoMi completed the HSBC and HK Science and Tech Park Banking Booster

AutoMi being one of the prominent local financial solution provider, joined and completed the HSBC and HK Science and Tech Park Booster program successfully.

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Advertising Company automate their Media Sales and Purchase and Accounting with…

Service purchase and sales process can sometimes be more complex and difficult to track than physical goods buy and sell.

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e-commerce automates their HKTV Mall sales process with AutoMi and ABSS MYOB…

Trading Company transformed to online e-commerce business with the help of AutoMi Automation and HKTV Mall A trading company aggress

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CPA Firm AutoMi Automation using Tech Voucher Funding

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) audit and company secretary service provider firm automated their Sales, Purchase and A

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Enhance MYOB functions using Tech Voucher with…

MYOB has a high market share in Hong Kong small business segment. Employers can recruite accounting staff with MYOB skills quite easily.

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How to enter Asset buy in AutoMi?

A company acquired items that are Asset type, like Furniture, Renovation and Machines, these kind of acquisitions should be categorized as Asset, instead of Expenses. 

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Director Account loan in AutoMi?

In many situation company directors will loan money to the company, or borrow money from company. How do we enter these kind of transactions in AutoMi? 

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(Almost) Everything you need to…

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