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Technology Voucher Program Application

Automation is not for every company?

Many small businesses realize the value of tailor-made automation software, and saw the potential of operation efficiency gain using it. However customized software cost used to be expensive and inhibiting.

Not anymore.

Rapidly customizable Solution

AutoMi is a ready to be customized system, that can be tailored to exactly your workflow and data structure easily, and inexpensively. Inexpensively also means quickly, usually a fully tailored system can be implemented within 3 months. And 3 months later, you will thank yourself for decided to automate, or regret why you did not do it earlier.

Hong Kong Technology Voucher Program (HK TVP)

And comes the game changer, Technology Voucher Program.

The financial support given by the government to help businesses embrace digital transformation is here for grab. Subsidizing 75% of the project cost, which is so generous compared to other country or region. There is no reason why a business does not go for it.

We as a selected service provider for TVP and referenced provider for D-Biz funding, can work out the suitable solution, in an easy to implement, low risk and inexpensive way. Do not take our words, read about our customer references and decide for yourself.

Give us a call at 67097504 or WhatsApp us to book a free 15 minutes automation consultation session risk free.




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