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Xero Technology Voucher Solution

Let Xero and your system Adapts to You, not the other way round

Using Xero but found some missing features? Your data structure requires more data fields but cannot be handled by the Xero? Want to output richer invoice and quotation, with more product information and pictures but not able to fit in the built-in template? Our customzied service and tailor-made an addon solution that works with Xero side by side to meet your specific needs.

Using Technology Voucher to buy and Integrate with Xero 

Using Technology Voucher Program (TVP) in Hong Kong, companies can buy up to 12 months of subscription based service like Xero. Together with a customized tailor-made addon solution, companies can enjoy a great fit solution with only 25% of the cost.

Unlimited Possibilities

Whether you want to build a more aggressive sales process, or a more robust and reliable backend operation workflow, AutoMi customzied tailor-made solution can help you optimize your workflow and human resources investment.

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