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General Functions

General Functions

AutoMi comes with powerful general functions to help user finish their tasks as quickly as possible.

Dropdown Box

When a Dropdown Box is with focus, user can just start typing on the keyboard, and the system will start progressively match its key field. In this case, user starts typing "wal" the system will progressively search they key field Customer's Full Name, and highlight the record. If the highlighted record is the one user is looking for, just hit Enter key and select the record.

Customer: *  Billing Address:  Cod e  cig04001  Walkin-01  Full Name  Walkin Customer

User can also hit "Ctrl + F" (as in most application for Find), when the cursor focused on the searchbox, start typing and hit Enter. The system is able to search on most of the fields like phone, fax, address etc.

Customer: *  Billing Address:  @ happy]  Cod e  cig04001  Full Na...  Lee  Phone 1  31234567  Phone 2  99876...  Fax  33338888  Billing Address  1 happy road

Click on the highlighted row to select the record.

Columns in the Dropdown Box can be sorted by clicking on the Column Headers. 

To clear selected data, click the X button

Date Picker

User click on a Date Picker to select a date. To get back to today, user can click the top button (in this case, Wednesday, Apridl 3, 2019) to go back to the current month and day.

date picker

User click on the second row button (in this case, May 2019) to select Month

Month and year picker

Click one more time to select Year

year picker

Or use can just enter date by typing, using "/" or the right arrow key to go from day to month to year etc.

date by keyboard

Click the Clear button to clear the selected date


When some data entry forms have too many fields, they will be organized into Tabs


Click each tab to access to different group of fields to enter data

New linking Record

For some record type there are linking record, for example, a Customer can have multiple linking Addresses. To add new address, click the New button above the linking list, a pop up forms will be shown for entering data for the linking record.

Linking records

In some cases, user can just start clicking at the bottom row of the linking list and start entering data.

new line in grid

Link instead of New

To add linking record that already exists, do not use the New button. Use the Link button instead. Using the New button will create duplicate records. Use Link button to link to an existing record

linking records

Unlink instead of Delete

To remove a record from the linking records without deleting it, click the Unlink button instead of Delete. Unlink button will remove the relationship but will not delete any records. For example, SalesA no longer reports to SalesManagerA, from SalesManagerA Direct Reports list, click on SalesA and select it, then click Unlink. This will keep SalesA record in the system but remove the relationship between SalesA and SalesManagerA.

linking records

Delete linking Record

Click the Delete button the linking record will be deleted, and so with the linking relationship.

delete linked records

Move Up and Move Down

For some linking records user can move the lines up or down by clicking the Move Up or Move Down button.

move records

Open Related Record

User can view some related data by clicking at the Open Related Record button. In this case the Employee record of TeamA will be shown. However, before viewing related record user should save the current record first to avoid losing data.

related records

Export ListView

User can export any ListView to file for use out of the system, right click on any cell of the ListView and click Export to, then select the file type and where to save.

export to excel

Search ListView

User can search the ListView by using the Search Box, for example, enter "0004", click Search

search for records

The result will be shown with 1 line returned

0004  x Search  Remove from Print List  Process Print List  Printing  Clear Pril  Full Text Search  Order Number  so-00000004  Customer Number

Click a column header to sort the list

Move the mouse to the upper right corner of a column header, a filter icon will appear, click to filter the list

For Date Filter, users can select a date range by click on the start date then hold the mouse button and drag to the end date


The Filter Editor will be shown at the bottom of the List View, click the x button at the left to cancel filtering and show all

date filter

Right click the column header and choose Column Chooser, then drag the column you want to be visible in the list view to the column header row.

pick columns

Double click a row will open up the DetailView for view or editing

Online Help

User can click the Online Help button, the web browser will pop up and user can search or ask questions in our Support Forums. Paying customers can ask in our Paid Forum for faster response.

User will need to register from the www.AutomiAccounting.com website first for asking questions in forums.

get online help