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Entering Sales and PurchaseTransaction

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

Main information

Just start typing on the Customer or Supplier field, the Dropdown will start search for the Card and highlight the search result in yellow as below

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

To search for other fields, hit Ctrl+F to focus the Searchbox, and type in the text or number you want to search and hit Enter. For example, type in the phone number first 4 digit and hit Enter.

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

Select the Billing  Address and Delivery Address if you need to use address that are not the defaults. Modify the address in the Address box if needed.

Select Date, the Auto Numbering set,  Currency and Payment Term/Due Date if the defaults do not apply.

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

Line Items

Click on the Item field in the Line Items area, like all Dropdown box, just start typing or hit Ctrl-F to search for Item

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

The Item details and defaults will be copied to the line, modify if defaults not apply.

Enter Discount if necessary. Delivery Date, Codes, Custom Fields are all optional.

Enter next line by Tab (or Shift+Tab) through or use the keyboard Arrow Key to navigation the grid as if in Excel grid.

SubTotal Line can be added to show subtotal

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

Click Move Up or Move Down to move existing lines up or down. The SubTotal Line value will be refreshed as lines are moved.

Salesman/Purchaser will be automatically selected per logged in user, or select from the Dropdown if needed.

Footer Discount can be applied either through Footer Discount Amount or Footer Discount Percent.

Click Save or Save and Close or Save and New to proceed to other transactions.

Click Print Default Format to preview the printout. System will use the default layout for the Customer/Supplier selected  in the card defaults. User can also select the print layout if other format is desired.

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction

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Copy Transaction

User can also go to an existing transaction, and click the Copy Transaction button to copy the details of the orginal and save as a new transaction.

Entering Sales and Purchase Transaction