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Dashboard Views

Dashboards are very useful for visualizing the business data within AutoMi system and help user quickly understand key performance indicators. AutoMi provides Dashboards for Sales Quotation, Sales Order and Sales Invoice transactions.

Go to Reports > Dashboard > Sales Quotation Dashboard, the dashboard will be shown

dashboard view

User can filter the Date Range where data were drawn by using the Date Range Slider. Use the mouse to drag the left hand side slider to select the From Date and the right hand side slider to select the To Date.

  • Notice all parts of the dashboard will be updated after the date range is changed through the slider

dashboard date range filter

The No of Quotaions by Salesperson use the pie chart to visualize how many quotations are created by each salesperson within the date range.

dashboard pie chart

The Quotation Amount by Country Region visualize the sales amount in local currency for each country region using the world map

dashboard map

The country of the customer is determined by the customer's Billing Address Country Region Field

dashbaord list

The Quotation Amount Spectrum visualize the relationship among number of Customer, Number of Quotations, Salesperson and quotation amount.

  • Salesperson with large number of customers and large number of quotations will be shown at the upper right corner
  • Salesperson with small numbrer of customers and small number of quotations will be shown at the lower left corner.
  • The bigger the circle shown the higher the quotation amount is
  • High performance salesperson will be shown with a large circle at the upper right corner of the Quotation Amount Spectrum

dashbaord spectrum

The Amount by Salesperson visualize the total quotation amount, higher the amount, larger the area  for the salesperson

dashboard heat map