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Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

Create a new Bank Transfer

Go to Banking > Bank Transfer, click New

Select the From Bank and the From Account Original Currency Amount, which should match the bank statement amount.

Transfer From :  From  From Currency:  From Currency Exchange Rate:*  From Account Original Currency Amount:  888-999-12345  1.125000  $1,000.00

Select the Bank (transfer to bank), enter the Total Amount which should match the bank statement of the receiving bank. The Exchange Rate will be automatically adjusted.

  • Notice the Exchange Rate is adjusted from 7.8 to 7.5 to accommodate the received amount, in this case, $150

Transfer To :  Bank: *  Currency:  Exchange Rate:  Total Amount:  Description:  888-12345-987  USD  7.500000  $150.00

Click Save

Review the Bank Register and see the deposit line in the Transfer To Bank and the payment line in the Transfer From Bank