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Cash Flow Projection

Cash Flow Projection

Besides balance, the system cal also project future cash flow based on bank transactions, coming sales invoices and purchase invoices using transaction Due Date.

Go to Banking > Bank Register Line

Banking  Bank Account  Bank Receipt  Bank Payment  Bank Transfer  Bank Register Line

Select the Bank, then click Show Cash Flow Projection (For Cash Flow Project, start date is always 1 month before and include all future invoices and deductions)

Current Account  1/4/1 g  30/4/19  Show Bank Register  Show Cash Flow projection  Bank Reg—ter FRer

 The Cash Flow Projection lines will be shown.

  • In this case, the current date is 4/4/019. Notice the Purchase Invoice and Sales Invoice are future dated. The system is using the Due Date to project the receipt and payment.
  • Projection also use the Balance Amount Per Actual if user entered Last Check Balance in the Bank Account

Number  1/4/19  15/5/19  31/5/19  Source Transaction  8+00000002  PI-oooooool  Sl-00000003  Type  Bank receipt  Purchase invoice  Sales invoice  Card  Cash Supplier  Walkin Customer  Line Amount Balance Amount Per System Balance Amount Per A...  $18,000.00  ($3,889.00)  $6,461.00  $18,000.00  $14,111.00  $20,572.00  $28,000.00  $24,111.00  $30,572.00

Include Future Transaction in Cash Flow Projection

Sometimes, user want to include Quotation and Order with high probability of closing into the projection, so user can have a more accurate visibility into the coming cash flow.

Open the Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Purchase Quotation or Purchase Order user want to be included into the projection, check the Include In Cash Flow Project checkbox and make sure to enter a realistic Due Date.

Due Date:  4/5/19  In Cash Flow Projection

Select the bank and click the Show Cash Flow Projection button again

  • Notice the future date Sales Quotation and Purchase Order are included into the projection
  • Once those documents are converted to invoices, the projection will also include them. In case the document does not convert, remember to uncheck the Include In Cash Flow Project and update the document.

Number  1/4/19  15/5/19  31/5/19  5/6/19  286 19  Source Transaction  8+00000002  PI-oooooool  Sl-00000003  SQ-OOOOOOOI  PO-oooooool  Type  Bank receipt  Purchase invoice  Sales invoice  Sales quotation  Purchase order  Card  Cash Supplier  Walkin Customer  Walkin Customer  Cash Supplier  Line Amount Balance Amount Per System Balance Amount Per Actual  $18,000.00  ($3,889.00)  $6,461.00  $8,900.00  ($2,812.50)  $18,000.00  $14,111.00  $20,572.00  $29,472.00  $26,659.50  $28,000.00  $24,111.00  $30,572.00  $39,472.00  $36,659.50

Include Bank Transactions in Cash Flow Projection

For recurring income or expenses, user can include those bank transactions into the Cash Flow Projection, and specify the recurring period

For example, for every quarter, the company will pay an expense for air condition check up fee, create a Bank Payment for this expense

Bank Payment  Bank: *  Currency:  Exchange Rate:  Total Amount:  Card:  Payment Method:  Cheque Number:  Description:  Invoice Lines Deduction  Adjustment Type  Profesional Service Fees  Lin es  16/4/19  P ettyCash-1  Exp?nsg Lines  Income Lines  x  1.000000  $1,500  Document Collection  Auto Numbering:  Auto Number:  + Total Invoice Lines Amount:  - Total Deduction Lines Amount:  + Total Expense Lines We Paid Amount:  - Total Income Lines Amount:  - Payment Total = Dfference Amount:  ap-oooooool  $0  $0  $1,500  $0  $0  Original Currency  Applied Amount Original Currency  Description  $1,500 Air Con Checkup

Select the Include Cash Flow Projection Period, in this case, Monthly

  • Notice that Bank Transaction that has invoice or deduction linked to it CANNOT be set to Cash Flow, always set to Not Included

x  Auto Numbering:  Auto Number:  ap-oooooool  Include Cash Flow Project Period:  econcle  Monthhy

Go to the Bank Register Line, click Show Cash Flow Project again

  • Notice the Air Con Checkup is added to every coming months
  • User can also select project period of Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly

1/4/19  1/5/19  2/5/19  20/5/19  30/5/19  30/5/19  1/6/19  Source Transaction Number  Monthhy: Air Con Checkup  Monthhy: Air Con Checkup  PI-oooooool  PO-oooooool  Sl-oooooool  so-oooooool  Monthhy: Air Con Checkup  Type  Bank payment  Bank payment  Purchase invoice  Purchase order  Sales invoice  Sales order  Bank payment  Card  Cash Supplier  Cash Supplier  Walkin Customer  Walkin Customer

User can export the ListView data to Excel for further processing by Right Click on the ListView and click Export To