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New Customer or Supplier Card

New Customer or Supplier Card

Create a new card for Customer or Supplier

Go to Navigation Pane, click Cards > Customer/Supplier, click New

Main Information

Enter the Code for the Card, or leave it and use the system generated code.

Select Designation, depending on the card is for an Individual or Company

  1. Individual: First Name or Last Name are required.
  2. Company: Company Name is required. 

The Full Name is the name derived from Company Name or First Name/Last Name. For Chinese, Japanese or Korean  Individual name, Last Name will come first.

First Name:  Last Name:  Company Name:  Full Name:  Andy  Andy Lau

For English or other languages, First Name will come first

First Name:  Last Name:  Company Name:  Full Name:

Select the default Currency and Payment Terms, the system will use the default when creating new documents, but user can change as needed.

For Customers, user can select the Default Quotation, Order, Invoice and Delivery Format when printing the document for this particular customer. If there is no particular format just leave it blank and the system will use the system default.

Default Quotation Format:  Default Order Format:  Default Invoice Format:  Default Delivery Format:  Standard Sales Invoice for Andy

To add Address to the card, click the New button at the Addresses list

Addresses  Street Line 1  New (Ctrl+N)  New Address  Street Link

The first address created should be a Billing Address Type, enter the address details

  • Please note the Billing Address Country Region is used for the Sales Dashboard Mapping analysis

Address  Country Region:  Salutation:  Delivery  De I Wer,'  Other

For example, United States is the Billing Address Country for Andy, user created a Sales Quotation of $1,000 for Andy.

Go to Reports > Dashboard > Sales Quotation Dashboard, the figure will categorized as United States in the Dashboard

Quotation Amount by Country Region  United States  Total Local Currency (Sum): 51K

The second address created will be a Delivery Address Type, enter the address details and click Save and Close

Full Name:  Addresses  Address Type  Billing  Andy Lau  Diagnostic  Country Region  Unted States  Street

User can create as many addresses as they need, however, the Billing and Delivery Address will be used by default when creating document. User can pick any address when needed preparing documents. Also only Billing Address is available for Customer Dropdown Box Search.

Customer: *  Billing Address:  success  Cod e  c1904004  Full Name  Andy Lau  Street  1 Success Road,  Phone 1  1803892388  Phone 2  1894089844  Phone 3

Custom Fields

You may need to track other information of a customer or supplier for various purpose. Click the Custom tab for more fields to store card information.

Card Date, Number and Text Fields 1 - 5 : These fields are for storing date, number and text information

Main  Custom  Custom List  Card Custom List Field 1:  Card Custom List Field 2:  Card Custom List Field 3:  Card Custom List Field 4:  Card Custom List Field 5:  Date Custom Fields  Card Date Custom Field 1:  Card Date Custom Field 2:  Card Date Custom Field 3:  Card Date Custom Field 4:  Card Date Custom Field 5:  Number Custom Fields  Card  Card  Card  Card  Card  Number Custom Field 1:  Number Custom Field 2:  Number Custom Field 3:  Number Custom Field 4:  Number Custom Field 5:

Card Custom List Fields 1 - 5 : Custom List are for storing information from a defined list.

For example, user can use list 1 to track the sales region, and add list item such as Greate China, Southeast Asis, America and West Europe etc. User can add new list item by clicking the New button of the Custom List Dropdown Box.

User also  use list 2 to track customer category like VVIP, VIP, Premium, Standard, Lower, Bad etc. User can determine how to use these list depending on their business and operational needs.

Notice these Card Custom  List items are shared among cards, so in Supplier card, these lists will offer the same selections.

These lists will also be available for Analysis, go to Reports > Sales Analysis, drag the Card,CardCustomListField1-5 to the analytical table's Row or Column Area to analyse data as needed

Local Currency Amo...  Card.Car...  Standard  Card.Full  Lee  Andy Lau  Custome...  c1904002  cig04001  c1904004  Greater China  April 2019  Local Currency Amo...  $273,232  $1,000  $274,232  SouthEast Asia  April 2019  Local Currency Amo...  Inventory Unt Qua...  4g, 7 07  707  Inventory Unt Qua...  ran  o  Grand Total  Local Currency Amo...  $273,232  $1,000  $274,270  Inventory unt Qua...  4g, 7 07  50,055

Parent and Subsidiaries

A Customer or Supplier can either has Parent Company or has Subsidiaries. AutoMi supports 2 levels of company hierarchy, means a company/card cannot have BOTH a Parent AND Subsidiaries (3 levels).

Select the Parent Company and click Save if the card itself is a subsidiary.

If the card is itself a parent company, to add subsidiaries

  • Click the New button to add a new Card
  • Click the Link button to link to an existing Card
  • Click Save


Subsidiaries added to the card

subsidiaries added