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Focus on Your Business | Let us handle your Accounting Painlessly

Small business software in the market forces you to configure and setup and restrict your work to
fit their design. Key differences:

     1. Free Forever with full Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Banking functions for Single User desktop mode

     2. No complicated accounting and financial setup

     3. Require no accounting concept and knowledge to use

     4. From install to creating first invoice in minutes

     5. True multi-currencies function anyone can use

          - invoice same customers or supplier in any currency

          - receive and pay in any currency to settle invoices of any currencies

     6. Complete Sales and Purchase process from Quotation to Order to Invoice to Delivery Note to Return to Deduction (Credit Note)

          - one to one conversion (Push), e.g. convert a Quotation to a single Order

          - many to one conversion (Pull), e.g. convert lines from multiple Quotations to a single Invoice

          - flexibly start process from Quotation or Order or even Delivery Note

     7. Management with a glance

          color-code line progress

          - color coded invoice payment status 

          - color coded transaction lines progress, e.g. fully delivered invoice lines are green

          - color coded dashboard showing sales team and customer performance

     8. And more... open to integration with other systems like online stores and POS 

AutoMi is designed from ground up to help you focus on your business, not restricting you from grow.
Getting started is easy and requires no accounting knowledge, every bits of data entered into the system
will help your run your business more efficiently and make better informed business decisions quicker.

Functions are designed for business person in mind, empower business owners and their team forefront.
At the back our automation process can also improve the productivity of book keeper and auditor by providing
all the necessary data they need to meet compliance.


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