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CPA Firm AutoMi Automation using Tech Voucher Funding


CPA Firm AutoMi Automation using Tech Voucher Funding

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) audit and company secretary service provider firm automated their Sales, Purchase and Accounting Automation Technology Voucher Tailor-made project. The firm as usual operation with multiple companies doing audit, accounting, company secretary and other professional service to the same client base.

They use the common CSA company secretary software, so to avoid having repeated data entry, they could easily export the entities and customer contacts from the CSA system, and import those to our AutoMi automation system easily. This step saved many manual customer records updating when work pass through multiple departments.

Customer Record Automation

With Technology Voucher funding, customers using the AutoMi system can customize the system to fit their data requirements. For example, the firm need to keep track of what language their client used. When the client contact is using Chinese, all invoices need to be prepared in Chinese automatically while some other contacts in the same entity will require English. This could easily be achieved through modifying the AutoMi contact database, and the system will automatically prepare invoice with the designated language.

Invoicing Automation

The automation does not stop at the client records. For CPA firms, many details need to be carefully prepared when creating invoices. AutoMi can automate the details preparation to help reduce a lot of manually work and avoid mistakes. For example, the system can automatically

- Select invoice language to be used

- Invoice line details with date auto filling

- Automatically select the correct Bank Payment info in Chinese, English with various bank by checking the invoice content

- Automatically use different invoice format when print by checking what service (audit, company secretary service etc.) or what company letter head to be used. With very little work, a beautiful and correct invoice can be created. Not only the invoice is easy to create, most data in the invoice can be searched, grouped, and filtered for future reuse or analysis.

- Automatically create invoice number when creating or revising

Any logic that the company is using can mostly be automated.

Purchase and Cost Tracking

Not only sales, but the Cost side can also be automated. User can create service purchase, with linking customer job number, so the whole job can be tracked and see if the job is profitable or not.

Job Status and Profitability Report Automation

Reporting on receivable and profitability of jobs can now be automated, with a click all job settlement status and profitability can be reviewed, saving hundreds of hour from manually preparing status report.

Accounting Automation

With all the sales and purchase invoices in the system, accounting is just a few clicks of buttons. User can easily transfer the Account Payable and Account Receivable to their accounting system like ABSS MYOB or Sage Peachtree. No repeated data entry needed, all automatic and accurate.

Security and Permission

AutoMi automation system’s permission setting can be configured to your internal need. Allow different teams see their own team records, supervisors to see all records. Different department can see their own department data, or even mask some fields (like salary) from certain users.


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