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Getting Started | 3 minutes to Painless Accounting

AutoMi wants to help small business Succeed

AutoMi is the unique product to help you grow your business without the pain of managing accounting, tax and audit. It is designed to providing your with all critical business data you need to grow your business and also satisfy the account and audit requirements, easily.

AutoMi helps business owners grow and scale their business. Customer and Sales Analysis, Product and Sales Reports, Cash Flow Forecasting using historic and Sales/Purchase transactions  and many other features will all help solve many common routine problems.

Start using  AutoMi and making Sales in minutes, not hours. AutoMi does not require you to know anything about accounting, and there is no setup of accounts or financial year or any accounting related information. You can just start creating customers, invoices, receipts and purchases and AutoMi will handle accounting for you.

AutoMi combines software  and professional accounting outsource service, to create a highly productive platform for BOTH business and accountant/auditor. Most accounting systems only make your accountant's life easier but not yours. No more data entry effort only for the sake of satisfying your auditor. AutoMi actually works for you and your business first!